Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"It's a Libyan thing, you wouldn't understand!"

I thought this was one of the funniest things I have ever read. Evidently it was on some shirts distributed by a Libyan group here in the U.S. It is entitled "Top 20 Reasons you know you're Libyan":
20. Your social existence consists of gurma over shahee
19. You feel 9 months pregnant--you know its bazeen
18. You constantly reply "te bahyyyy....digeega"
17. A wedding isn't complete without playing foonsha and zamzamat
16. Your family is going through depression when they're low on tin and hareesa
15. Your ears perk when you hear the words tamam, meeya meeya, and kharaf
14. You are somehow related to or know every other libyan
13. You do something wrong, the first thing that comes to your mind is
taya7 sa3dek
12. You're on vacation, you cook macaroona jarya in your hotel room
11. Couscous and macaroona are common meals in your home
10. You've had more than your share of inharak aswid
9. You do something wrong, your parents threaten that they'll send you back to libya
8. you're always found with your trusty darbooka (or turn everything
into one)
7. you know what a felga is
6. you're talking to libya and the whole street heard your conversation...aloooo libya
5. everything you do is classified as 3abe
4. you say ga3miz for sit
3. you're traumatized everytime you see a 3asaa, shibshib, or tubu
2. your mother can throw a shibshib farther than troy aikman can throw a football
1. you're wearing this shirt....saga3 3alaik!


Rose Bud said...

This is Great!! So true too.

MOHAMMD said...

consult a psychotherapist as soon as possible

mani said...

oh my god where have I been I should have been visiting your blog since i knew about the net lol

Keepsmile5 said...

Hilarious !!
loool @ "taya7 sa3dek", I used to say it when ever don't agree with what my brothers or friend do..
Thanks sis. for sharing and keepsmilin :)

Afnan Libeeya needing Libya said...

i read this somewhere else b4 and loved it soo much, i laughed soo hard the first time i read it, just as hard as now lool it was great its all sooooo trueeeee BAZEEN i soo love it!

3abtash said...

loool that was soo funny..lakin soo true...

Caught in the middle said...

I like.
So funny.
It's great to read something about libyans and our weirdness, then read the comments and not have anyone trying to defend our honour. This is possible because it is written by a libyan (Libyanized American)

Libyan Girl said...

It's the funniest thing I've ever read.

Sparkling Motivation said...

rofl woman!!

Thanks for sharing this :)

By the way, I like your blog a lot, despite that I found it hard to read at times..one word for you "paragraphs"!! lol

And why aren't you writing anymore? come back and let us know more about how you're doing..

You take care...

Sparkling was here ****

amany said...

yes that's true.it's funny.i like the libyan traditions